You Never Can Tell

By George Bernard Shaw

When the artist better known as George Bernard Shaw decided to show Oscar Wilde how to write a funny play, the result was You Never Can Tell, an exuberant comedy that combines dazzling wit with sharp social critique.

In a Devon seaside resort in August 1896, penniless young dentist Valentine encounters Dolly and Philip, alarmingly forthright twins and the youngest members of the Clandon family. Irresistibly drawn to their beautiful but formidable older sister, Gloria, Valentine accepts an invitation to lunch, bringing along his landlord, the estranged Clandon paterfamilias. Disruption threatens, but a kindly hotel waiter provides a calming influence, to everyone's relief.

Directed By Alan Bobroff
Dates 30 October 2013 to 02 November 2013
Location Compass Theatre, Ickenham, UB10 8PD